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Herb's List:

Allspice - the dried berry of the pimento,evergreen tree,use as stimulant,oinment or bath additive ,also good for rheumatism.

Aloe - Good for minor skin irritations:sunburn, scratches , cuts,etc.

Althea - External use for burns and wounds. Used in tea, is good for quieting coughs and digestive problems.


Basil- Good for digestive problems.

Bennet-As an astringent gargle for gum problems.

Black Alder-Boil inner bark in vinegar use as external rinse for lice and scabies.

Blackberry-remedy for diarrehia.Good for gum problems.

Black Cohosh-roots has a seditive effect on nervous system also helps menstral cramp.

Blazing Star(marsh)-decoction, gargle for sore throat.

Blazing Star(scaly)-same as above also helpful on snakebites.

Blue Vervain-natural tranquillizer

Brier Hip-Good for Kidney and bladder inflamation.

Cayenne-external use ,make plaster and apply to rheumatic or arthritic areas.

Chervil-infussion may be used to lower blood pressure.

Clove-clove tea can relieve nausea.The oil is good in relieving tooth ache.

Coral Root-use root part,good sedative and aids in reducing fever.

Dandelion-root most potent.Natural diuretic,also high in iron.

Dill-good aid for digestion problems.

Echinacea-use root part,antiviral action,stimulates the bodies defence system.

Elderberry-flower part,use for skin irritations,sore throats and colds.

Eucalyptus-steam leaves and inhale to clear nasal congestion and loosen lung congestion.

Fragrant Valerian-rootstock,use for calming nervous stomach,insommnia and also hypnotic.

Garlic-good for digestion,colds,and aids in lowering blood pressure.

Ginger-rootstock,aids in digestion,eases gas and nausea.

Goldenseal- use root part,general tonic for cuts,poison ivy,mouth irratations and yeast infections.

Hawthorn-flower and fruit part,sedative effect,lowers blood pressure.

Hedge Mustard-expectorant, good for clearing chest congestion and coughs.

Hyssop-leaves and flowers,relieves sore throat and good for minor cuts.

Lavender-flowers and leaves,calming aromatic,insect repellant.

Lemon Balm-has antiviral properties use for dressing wounds.mild calming effect.

Marjoram (wild)-,mild seditive,relives motion sickness,menstrual cramps.

Mint-use in balm for chapped lips,soothing to rheumatic conditions.

Nettle-as an astringent for hemorrhoids,infusion helpful in urinary and cold ailments.

New Jersey Tea-use bark of root to make infusion,use as expectorant for chest conjestion.

Onion-onion juice mixed with honey,good for hoarseness and coughs.

Pennyroyal-rub plant on skin for insect repellant.

Peyote-hallucinogenic, will stimulate heart and respiratory system.

Prickly Ash-use bark to make decoction for toothaches.

Primrose-make an infusion from the flowers to treat headache and insomnia.Use rootstock for expectorant.

Red Eyebright-make infusion to treat eye inflamations.

ST.John's Wort- calming properties .

Sassafras- use the bark to make infusion for a "blood purifier" promotes perspiration and urination.

Savory-make tea , use for cramps nausea and indigestion.

Skullcap- rootstock used to make tea to treat respiratory problems, insomnia and rheumatism.


Infusions-made like tea, add 1oz. fresh herb to 1 pint steaming water, cover and steep for about 10 min. Stain

Decoction-this method is used for bark or roots ,bring to boil then simmer for 10 to 20 min.,use like tea.

Wash-an external application of the tea.

Poultice-paste made from plant,mash in with small amount of water if nessessary warm.Used externally.