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Hello my name is Judy Walker. I am a 36 year old mother of two girls.Welcome to my exploration of Wicca.

Let me start by saying, I guess I've always been pagan, I just didn't realize there was a label for the way I felt and lived.

I was raised as a Christian but did not attend church as I became older.I never felt comfortable there, I'm not knocking church, I just knew something was missing for me.
I've always believed the "do unto others",which I now know as "An Ye Harm None,Do What Ye Will" .

Well, I found wicca through exploring the many paths of spirituality
earth base religions, and what a revelation it was.I found my glove.

Witches were not the mean, ugly hateful, Satan worshipers that society had taught me about.They were the most kind, gentle, loving, beautiful, earth loving people that I had ever seen.

Pagans do not try to recruit people to their way of life.
They believe in one finding their own path.If it is meant for you, you'll find it, you will search it out.The God/dess will call you home.

I truly do feel spiritual now.Life is full of everyday magic, you just have to open your senses, it's a state of mind.

I welcome all advice and or thoughts on this subject.
I have great respect for those in the Pagan religion and those who
practice the craft. I would be honored to receive some of your wisdom.

Some of my other interests include : alternative medicine,herbalism,and the Tarot cards and Runes symbols. I will be exploring many areas that I feel are somehow connected to one another.So come on this journey with me and hopefully some will learn along with me.