What Is Eclectic?
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What Is Eclectic ?

There are many traditions in the wiccan path and each person will choose her/his own for their own reasons.

Through my journies I have become comfortable in being eclectic.Eclectic just means following different pieces of different traditions.You then put the peices together to form your own way.

In following my culture it became impossible to stay with just one tradition; for I am Irish and Native American and I am very proud of both.I believe many people come to this
conclusion when trying to choose which tradition to follow.

There are some traditionalist that will disagree with me,but it's okay to borrow bits and pieces from different traditions, if it feels right and works for you, then it's right.

So don't be discouraged by those who will tell you that being eclectic is not the real way ,or the old way.
Being eclectic is not about the old ways, and these are not the old times either. We are finding what works for us in the new times and borrowing what worked in the past.