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When we first begin to learn to meditate it can be frustrating for some.Trying to clear the mind of all thoughts is not always easy,but with practice it can become second nature.
I thought I would take you through some of the methods that have worked well for me.

1.) Visualization:
Begin by getting into a comfortable position,close your eyes and begin to breath slow steady breathes.
Let your body pull in the energy from the ground and feel it travel through your body,as the energy moves to each area of your body let it push all the tension out leaving through your finger tips.
Now that you are relaxed,focus on a light (star like)in your inner mind.Stay focused on the light and let it pull you in closer.You will begin to feel a floating like sensation as you move to the light.Try to hold this as long as you can.

2.) Sacred Place:
Start with getting cofortable and begin your steady slow breathing.In your vision you see a set of spiral staircases,winding below you.Begin to desend the stairs,follow the stairs to the bottom.When you reach the bottom you look out and see a large wooden door,it is very old and it has a symbol ingraved on the door.This symbol is sacred to you,so you know it is safe to enter.You reach out and open the door,before you is the most beautiful place you have ever seen,you feel the warm breeze caressing your
skin.You go inside to your sacred place and there you can learn many things.