A Tale Of A Maiden
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A Tale Of A Maiden

Once Opon A Time, there was a young naive maiden.
As a young child she was sexually abused by someone she loved and trusted,her grandfather.This went on until his death.She was also molested by a babysitter before she was even old enough to start school.She did not understand why this happened and she was too ashamed to share this horrible thing with anyone.

At the age of 16 she was wild and untamed.She tried most every drug that she could.She used many drugs on a regular basis with alcohol; it may her feel numb and that was the way she wanted it.

One day the maiden meets a handsome older gent, in which she was very much inchanted.He was charismatic in her young eyes and charmed her from the start.He made her feel important and mature.He could take her away and save her.
So from the very beginning she gave all of herself,body,mind and soul.

The maiden married the gent when she was only 17.She became caught up in being the good wife and put all other things aside; her education,her friends and herself.

A few years went by and the maiden began to notice that things were not as she had imagined they would be.Like a child she began to rebel in her marriage and look for love again.What she found brought only more pain,not only for herself but others were hurt by her childish ways.

She knew she had to suffer for the hurt she had caused others.She attempted suicied.She ended up in the hospital
and surviving.She went deep inside and withdrew from the world.

As time went on the maiden and her husband continued to move in different directions.She wanted him as her soulmate and she scratched and clawed at life to make it so.Worn and tired from the struggle she finally lowered her head in defeat.

Years pass and children are born and they are her salvation.
She lived for her children.

The maiden is not so young
anymore.She is beginning to forgive herself for past mistakes.She understands that you can not change someone else and mold them into what you want.She can only change

She finds a spiritual side that had been tucked away deep inside just waiting for her.She feels herself beginning to shine.She is starting to take some time for herself and she fills her head with knowledge;for it has great power.

She tries very hard not to look back with regrets,but as lessons learned.Knowing there are more lessons to learn,she hopes she can embrace them.

She wears her heart on her sleeve now and swears to not waste a minute of the time she has left.You never know when your last moment will be.

She knows not what the future brings,only that she has a path to follow.As time goes on the path becomes clearer and she follows with less struggel.All things travel in a circle; there is birth....life...death...and renewal.