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If anyone would like to add a poem or something else related to wicca, send to and I'll be glad to add it.Please make sure it is related to topic and not in bad taste.


The Answer

I'm searching , I'm seaking , what do I see? A spiritual answer is coming to me.

The path may be long and still unclear. A voice wispers to me just follow it my dear.

You have looked away far too long. Your unconcious mind keeps singing a song.

Coming back to the search time after time, accept it and follow and all will be fine.

Trust in yourself to know what is right; I will be here for you every day, every night!

By: Judy Walker

This came to me one night when I asked for a sign. I'm not a poet,I know that,but I received the sign I asked for.

"My Wiccan Beliefs "

Wicca is a religion to me.I believe that the sprit of the God/Goddess exists in every living thing.That means all humans and all nature.

I do not believe in satan,therefore I do not worship him.I worship life.

I believe in The Wiccan Rede "And ye'harm none,do what ye will."

I do not attend a church for worship;my temple is where ever I make it.I prefer to worship outside under the moon and stars or by a beautiful stream in the warm sun.

What I seek from this path is to heal,give and protect all living things to the best of my powers.

The Birth Of My New Name

Through my meditation,I have choosen a new name with spiritual meaning.My spiritual name is "Quiet Waters".Like the quiet waters of a spring I will flow through the path finding my way.

"Spirit Of The Wind"

Great Spirit that I feel in the wind,

You make the leaves dance for me

so that I may feel your strength.

The many colors fall down on me,

like the rain of a rainbow.

They swirl around me inviting me to dance.

Then all is calm,and you leave as quickly as you came.

"New Moon Chant"

Great Spirit, Mother of all

Guide my visions when I call.


"She's The Witch In You"

She walk's in darkness, and in the light.

She lives in this world, and on the otherside.

You can feel her pulsing and running through your veins.

She is the Goddess,the Divine, she is the Witch in you.

Judy Walker


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